Posted by: Submitter | February 12, 2008

Prophets and Messengers of ALLAH

Prophets and Messengers of ALLAH

1. Messenger” or “Rasool” means he who brings the Message from Allah Ta’ala to the servants.

2. A “Prophet” is he who received the “Wahi” (Revelation, a Message from Allah Ta’ala) for the guidance of mankind to show people the path to Allah Ta’ala.

3. Many Prophets and many Angels are Messengers (Rasools).

4. All Prophets were male. There has never been a Jinn as a Prophet nor a female Prophet.

5. A Prophet becomes a Prophet who Allah Ta’ala wishes to be or whom Allah Ta�ala deems fit and a Prophet is born as a Prophet. A Prophet always stays away from sin even before becoming a Prophet. He is always attracted to good. There is never an aspect in a Prophet that people would hate.

6. Those who believe that they can become a Prophet due to their effort are Kaafirs (non-believers) and those who believe that a Prophet’s prophecy can be taken away from him is also a Kaafir.

7. A Prophet’s walk, conduct, looks, features, nobility, family, ways, manner, talk and conversation are all good and free from faults. A Prophet’s intelligence is complete. A Prophet is the cleverest out of all people. The highest qualified doctor or philosopher’s intelligence does not reach even a millionth part of a Prophet’s intelligence.

8. A Prophet or an Angel are Ma’soom, meaning they are completely immune from sin and therefore cannot commit a sin.

9. Except for Prophets or Angels, if one believes that an Imaam or a Wali (Saint) are also Ma’soom, then they are misguided and have deviated from the right sect. Although there are Imaams and great Awliya who also do not commit sin, however, if sometimes they do commit a sin, then according to Shari�ah, this is not impossible.

10. Those who say that the Message of Allah Ta’ala is sometimes not passed on by a Prophet due to the fear of people or some other reason, is a Kaafir.

11. Prophets are better than all creations. In fact, they are better than those Angels who are Rasools.

12. Regardless of how high a rank of a Wali is, he can never be equal to a Prophet. Those who show a non-Prophet to be better than a Prophet are Kaafirs.

13. The respect of a Prophet is compulsory on every individual. The slightest disrespect of any Prophet is Kufr (infidelity).

14. The Prophets are just as alive in their graves as they were when in this world. They eat, drink and go and come as they wish. They were given death for a moment and then were brought back to life so that Allah Ta’ala’s promise would be complete. Their lives are better than those of Martyrs (Shaheeds).

15. Allah Ta�ala gave the Prophets the Knowledge of the Unseen (I�lme-Ghaib). Every particle of the sky and earth are in front of the sight of all the Prophets. Therefore, this knowledge is “Given Knowledge” (Ataayi) and because Allah Ta’ala’s Knowledge is not given to Him by anyone and, therefore, is “Self Knowledge” (Zaati).

16. Any follower cannot, due to his will power, piety, worship, and willingness to follow Allah Ta’ala, be better than any Prophet.

17. Prophets are always involved in the remembrance of Allah Ta�ala even while they are sleeping or awake.

18. To talk about the mistakes that have been committed by the Prophets is Haraam (strictly forbidden), except for when praying about them in the Holy Quran and Hadith.

19. It is improper and disrespectful to write abbreviation after the name of Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) or of any Nabi or Rasool. We must write “sallal laahu alaihi wasallam” or “alaihis salaam” in full.


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