Posted by: Submitter | February 17, 2008

Animism and assorted forms of Paganism


Unfortunately, we are of course not able to exhaustively define every single false religion that exists. We have merely attempted to take the most widespread (either in number of influence) that most in the world would encounter and explain them. The rest of them would loosely fit under the rubric of paganism or what is sometimes politely referred to as animism. These would include such religions as Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Wicca, Syncretism, Zoroastrianism (Parsis, but also known as Fire-Worshippers), Universalism, Magic, Druidism, New Age Cults, Atheism and others as well.

Key beliefs

These religions share core values in common that can be observed when examining them outwardly as well as intensive study.

a. Happiness can be attained or achieved through a sense of equilibrium of well being within the self. It is not necessary that one should have a relationship with a Lord or even if the Lord Almighty exists, but rather finding the balance and peace of mind in one’s own life

b. Perceived personal goodness, no matter what the person, is acceptable as long as the person believes that goodness to represent upright moral behaviour. What this means is that there is no reality, but a series of realities. No one possesses or has direct access to the truth or reality itself, but rather opinions can be expressed as to what is believed to represent truth. Often, the parable of the elephant is used, namely that each person holding one part of the elephant believes that what lies in his hands is the only truth, when in reality, ‘truth,’ or ‘reality,’ is what you make it.

c. Nature has a type of divinity to it. For this reason, the worship of environmental elements, for example fire or water, is glorifying Allah just the same. All things are of Him and He is off all things.

d. Allah is held to be more of a force than a Lord or Cherisher who one may have a relationship. He represents for many the Golden Principle, the Universal Rule or the Consciousness in every man. There is no need to seek contact with Him for He is the force that moves everything.

e. Sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft and amulets are ways that one can seek to master and harness the power of this force/principle and use it to the benefit of others.

f. Ancestors also represent the principle. Offerings made to them can bring good fortune and good luck in times of need.

g. There is no good or evil in absolute terms, but rather it is relative to the situation and what is involved.


In the world today, there is an estimated population of 1,568,500,000 people who fall under this category and practice one of the religions above or some variant with faith in it.


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