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Kabah, Blackstone, Mount Hira

Kabah, Blackstone, Mount Hira

The Kabah

When Ishmael – son of Abraham and Hagar – was born, Abraham’s other wife, Sarah, became jealous, so she asked Abraham to keep them away from her. Allah, the Exalted, inspired Abraham to take them to Makkah. He would visit them from time to time. Once, he stayed away from them for a period of time, and upon returning he saw Ishmael shooting arrows near the well of Zamzam. When he saw him, he embraced him the way a father would embrace his son – and said:

‘O Ishmael, Allah has commanded me to build a House here.’

Together they erected the walls of the House of Allah. Ishmael gathered the rocks, and Abraham set them. After the walls were a bit high, he placed a stone where he stood, and Ibraheem and his son supplicated to Allah saying:

‘O Allah accept from us, for indeed You are All-Hearing and All-Seeing.’

Muslims all over the world face the Kabah during their prayers; it is the first House of Allah.


Allah says:

(Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was at bakkah [i.e. Makkah] – blessed and a guidance for the worlds.) (3:96)

It is a symbol of Muslim’s unity. Muslims face the Kabah with their hearts and bodies.

Allah says:

(So wherever you might turn, there is the Face of Allah (and He is High above, over His Throne).) (2:115)

When the Muslims circumambulate around the House, they are not worshipping it, for they worship Allah alone.

Allah says:

(Let them worship the Lord of this House, Who has fed them [saving them] from hunger and made them safe from fear.) (106:3-4)

The Black Stone

The Black Stone

After Abraham finished erecting the Kabah, one rock was missing (in order to complete the Kabah) so he asked Ishmael to look for a rock. He searched and upon returning he found that his father had placed a rock. So he asked his father:

‘O father where did you get this rock from?’ He said: ‘Gabriel brought it to me from the Heavens.’

And they completed the erection of the Kabah. When this rock was sent down from the heavens, it was whiter than milk. The Prophet(peace be upon him) said:

‘The Black Stone was sent down from the heavens whiter than milk and it was blackened by the sins of man.’ (Tirmidthi)

Mount Hira

Mount Hira

The Prophet used to spend many nights at a time in this cave. Gabriel brought him the first revelation while he was in this cave. Muslims should not go there, since the Prophet after being commissioned as a prophet never returned to this cave.

The Cave of Hira is situated at the peak of «Jabal an-Noor» to the East of Makkah. It is about 4 kilometers away from the Haram and its peak is .about 634 meters high Alnuor Mountain which hosts the cave Hira, in which the angle Gabriel descended with the revelation to prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him). Alnour is one of Makkah’s mountains (Faran) mentioned in the Torah, chapter23, verse .number 2


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